USED 3 star 16″ front wheel – gold
11/24/2010, 3:49 pm
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USED 16″ three star mag wheel for any moped you can put it on.

it’s a loose bearing wheel and it comes with the bearings, axle, brake plate and brakes. all used of course.

the gold paint old and chipped. it’s used! no whinny!


puch magnum limited wind screen fairing
11/24/2010, 3:47 pm
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puch magnum limited wind screen fairing, for you lucky punks who own a magnum limited.. yep limiteds are sexy..

hobbit black fairing with rectangular headlight
11/24/2010, 3:13 pm
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unique and rare black front fairing with rectangular headlight built in, for honda hobbit, camino, PA50 . . ..

does not come with a bulb. you will need a BA20D base bulb.

not sure how it mounts. might have to drill a couple holes in it. and of course you can mount this on any moped you can.

camel long seat – dirty black
11/24/2010, 3:09 pm
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camel long seat for honda hobbit, camino, PA50, PA50II. .by nisa  . also for any moped you can mount it to.

this one is black and kind of dirty and the bottom is a bit rusty. no rips or any thing. just dirty from many long years on shelves all over the world

metal seat pan

vintage collection

peugeot moped polini performance pipe 103 & 102 TSM “TOP ONE”
11/17/2010, 11:24 am
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vintage polini Top One peugeot 103 performance pipe

mounts to engine and cylinder, makes use of spring mount technologies

pretty much the easiest mounting pipe i’ve seen lately – no issues with kickstand or pedals

seems to offer great all around power on pretty much any cylinder, not quite as intense as the $$ doppler and $$ ninjas with their mad mad mad top speeds, but for the budget conscious mopeder looking for a fast all around pipe to use on stock, or 70 with minimal kick/pedal interference, hmm could be the way to go.

Note the accompanying mount will attach to stock or aftermarket cylinders.

uses sick “silent block” technology for rear mount, & pipe variates with engine, no messy ball joint tech.

lookin sharp of course

a customer writes in “this fits the 102 with no pedal or kickstand interference, just minor bending of the bracket” score!!!!!!


motobecane parmakit 19mm intake + reed block
11/17/2010, 11:21 am
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use this on the budget motobecane case now available at treatshq. comes with reed block & intake. a PHBG clamp style dellorto carburetor will fit on this intake nicely.

vespa moped malossi reed valve system engine case
11/17/2010, 11:17 am
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engine case pack from malossi. ready for a big malossi kit to bolt on.

comes with nuts, bolts, bearings, seal, 4 petal read block, gaskets and engine studs

this is the CDI version. you will need a CDI, no points. get it.